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    Publishing your magazines and documents

    Well-produced publications are perfect promotional tools.

    Publications are usually kept much longer than other materials; they can be given away, sold in bookshops or provided online through internet retailers.

    Leave publishing your magazines and documents to Square One and you get the great results you always need. We do all the editing, production, printing and delivery, you retain the copyright and ownership of all the publications produced.

    Publishing without worries

    Publishing your magazines and documents just got easier.

    Publication designs that attract; printing that’s cost effective; distribution all covered. The results can be great for you but producing publications can be a lot of work. Our complete publishing service gets you all the benefits of publication without the hassle. We’ll provide you with a designed, printed, published and distributed result that you can be proud of.

    Magazine and document design

    Designs tailored to your audience.

    Our creative design team will work with you to understand your publication and style intimately then tailor the designs to your target market. When we’re clear about your audience we set the artwork for your publication, collate your images and edit all your copy. With the design agreed we arrange all the printing and binding.


    Make an even greater impression.

    Add stickers and lamination or insert discs into your publication; provide special wrappers and packaging. We can help add value and display-appeal to your publication and then arrange all delivery as required.

    Advertising income

    Offset the overall cost of your publication.

    Depending on your subject material we can sell advertising for your publication helping you cover costs and making your publication even greater value.

    Square One delivers

    Square One will bring you the skills, the enthusiasm and the creativity to take your business to the next level. We aim to inspire your audience, define perceptions, shape customer behaviour and drive business results.